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Upcoming Events

Dec 13
开始 : 12-13 12:30, 结束 : 12-13 15:30
地点 : 3楼远程教室
Dec 13
开始 : 12-13 13:30, 结束 : 12-13 14:30
地点 : 4楼阶梯

Not only the hands-on scientific knowledge, butalso the development of the skills necessary for success, has provided me with a strong foundation that has greatly helped me with my current studies.
Zhitao Shao, Class of 2011
Master's degree candidate, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
The unique combination of teaching by both theChinese and foreign teachers, the projects and activities, as well as the effort made to help us studymoreeffectively has developed my ability to think critically. Thank you, SWIS for helping to make me a more independent learner!
Shuyang Wu, Sino-US Class of 2017
Currently studying at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia
More conversations, enough efforts, keep trying, if you want, there are abundant opportunities for you to grow.
Howard Wang
Grade 11 of America Program, 2017
The joyful classes, the interesting teaching method and the friendly relationship between teachers and students enable us not only to learn the knowledge. The most things we learned are the critical ways of thinking and how we deal with problems.
Ophelie Chen
Grade 11 of America Program, 2017